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Our hunts all have between 8 and 12 standard clues plus a final clue to determine a winner or winning team or simply the end of the hunt.


The hunts are easy to set up and require no prior knowledge—just a few minutes preparation time.

These hunts are very simple and contain puzzles requiring very basic counting or picture recognition. No reading is necessary.

These hunts contain more challenging clues—and usually more of them! Hunts can be individual or team based.

We have designed some hunts specifically for older children and Adults.

These hunts generally have 12 clues and some clues can require more than a little thought and encourage teamwork amongst the children.

The hunts for this age group include puzzles that require reading and basic numeric skills.

Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving? Whatever the season—we have a hunt to suit. Many of our seasonal hunts combine Adult and Child clues to enable all to join in the fun.

If none of our standard hunts suit—let us write one just for you! You choose the theme, tell us what you would like included—and we will prepare it to your specifications.

For weekend breaks, stag and hen parties—these big Treasure Hunts take you to parts of the city that will broaden your horizons as well as entice you to have fun!

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Educational Treasure Hunts covering subjects such as History, Geography, Literacy, Maths, Science and Verbal Reasoning—making learning so much more fun!