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Drink – this can be called “Froglina’s Brew”.  It could be in the ‘cauldron’ in the centre of the table, but would be effective if they could see what was inside the bowl!
Orange squash with some blue food colouring in makes a dark, mysterious brew.  Then add some chopped up apple and jelly insects from the sweet shop.  An additional feature could be made if you fill a rubber glove with juice and freeze it.  Then remove the glove and place the frozen hand in the brew.

Abanarzar’s Bats Wings – chicken wings, either cooked plain or with a barbecue sauce.

Sandwiches cut into shapes such as stars, moons, coffins, witches hats and cauldrons.

Froglina’s Witches Fingers – Cocktail sausages with sliced almonds for fingernails stuck on with a little tomato puree.

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Here’s an excerpt from our Party Planner Package for our Witches and Wizards Themed Hunt

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